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Bon Voyage Bag Pattern Bon Voyage Bag Pattern
The Bon Voyage Travel set is perfect for a weekend getaway. The large bag is very spacious and both sizes feature a sup…

Bow Bag Pattern Bow Bag Pattern
Easy to follow instructions guide you all the way to creating an irresistible bag with an oval base and boned side seams…

Palm Beach Sling Bag pattern Palm Beach Sling Bag pattern
An oversizes comfy bag that's designed to sling across your body and fit just about anything in Great for the beac…

Sophia Bag Pattern Sophia Bag Pattern
Sophia is a soft padded bag with wide shaped straps that are built for comfort! This flirty style has a optional zipper…

Sweet Heart Bag Pattern Sweet Heart Bag Pattern
Easy step by step instructions guide you all the wayto creating this gergeous bag that has a shape which is reminiscent …

Our Home Pattern Our Home Pattern
A stitchery pattern with floral vines perfectly matched topiary trees and bluebirds singing in the garden this stitched …

Go Go Girl Bag Go Go Girl Bag
Have lots of fun with rouged flowers, easy assembly instructions and add your own "Go To "  Girl look wit…

Buckle Bag Buckle Bag
Step out in styleand make a statment with this generously sized handbag buckle trimmed!…

Bonnets and Bows "1" Bonnets and Bows "1"
BB 1 Lovely BB 2 Jessica Two simple stitcheries to suit 4.5" squares  suitable for quilt , cushion or frame…

Bonnets And Bows " 2 " Bonnets And Bows " 2 "
BB 2 Phobe and the butterfly BB2 Forget-me -nots Two simple stitchery iron-on transfers suits 4.5 " squares Sui…

Bonnets And Bows " 3 " Bonnets And Bows " 3 "
BB 3 Sweetest Baby BB 3 Baby Bonnet Two simple stitchery Iron- on transfers suits 4.5" squares Suitable for Quil…

Bonnets And Bows " 4 " Bonnets And Bows " 4 "
BB 4 Sally's Toy Mouse BB 4 Bows And Blanket stitch Flowers Two simple stitchery Iron-on transfers suits 4.5"…

Bonnets And Bows " 5 " Bonnets And Bows " 5 "
BB 5 Lucy And Lucinda  BB 5 Ribbon And Roses Two simple stichery Iron-on transfers suits 4.5" squares Suita…

Bonnets And Bows " 6 " Bonnets And Bows " 6 "
BB 6 My Dolly BB 6 Pocket Posy Two simple stitchery iron-on transfers Suits 4.5 " squares suitable for quilt,…

Bonnets And Bows ' 7 " Bonnets And Bows ' 7 "
BB 7 Lily's Ballons BB 7 Buzzy Bee  Two simple stitchery Iron-on transfers Suits 4.5" squares Suitable…

Bonnets And Bows " 8 " Bonnets And Bows " 8 "

Bonnets And Bows " 8 " Bonnets And Bows " 8 "
BB 8 Little Jane Bonnet BB 8 Rose Posy Three simple stitchery Iron-on transfers,in this pattern Suitable for Quilt ,…

Bonnets And Bows " 9 " Bonnets And Bows " 9 "
BB 9 Pretty Polly BB 9 Pretty Posy Two simple stitchery Iron-on transfers suits 4.5" squares suitable for quilt …

Bella Bag Pattern Bella Bag Pattern
 Size :- approx. 22' including handles Attractive shoulder bag ,make in linen or heavier weighted fabrics for …

Black Forest Bag Black Forest Bag
Size :- 20" high with handles x 15" wide A quite lovely bag which could be made with lots of combinations of…