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Machine Quilting Service

Mulberry Lane Quilting offers a range of continuous line/pantograph patterns , we also offer meandering and stippling, but specialize in custom quilting to enhance  your quilts.

 Perhaps you would like to hand quilt but need help in basting your quilt. This service is also available. All Sizes are welcome right up to King Size!

Pricing Guide

The following price list will give you a guide only on the costs involved in quilting your top. This is dependant on the pattern chosen and/or the amount of custom quilting required. contact us

To workout the square footage  of your quilt multiply the length x width in inches and then divide by 144 this equals square feet

Continuous Line/Pantograph & Edge to Edge Quilting from $4.00 Sq ft

Basting    from $1.80 Sq ft

Meandering/Stippling   from $5.00 Sq ft (Depending on Density)

Custom Quilting            from $6.50 Sq ft

There is a minimum charge of $40.00 on all machine Quilting

We Stock an extensive range of wide back fabrics for you to choose from should you need us to supply it.

Waddings Available  

Matilda’s Own 60%/40%  Wool/Poly                   $20.00 metre

Matilda's Own 60%/40% Wool /Cotton              $24.00 metre

Matilda’s Own Poly 100% Poly                              $14.00 metre

Matilda's Own 60%/40% Wool/Poly Charcoal     $22.50 metre

Matilda's Own Hi-Loft Poly/Cotton                Not Availible at this point in time

Matilda's Own Hi-Loft Poly                                 $22.50 metre

Additional Services


Attach Binding by Machine       $4.00/metre

You supply the fabric for binding and we will make up and attach to the quilt ready for you to hand stitch.

Slip Stitch in place by Hand     $10.00/metre

To Achieve Best Results For Your Quilt

Trim away excess threads from front & back of the quilt top before sending.

Pieced borders should have a line of stay stitching around the edge to prevent the seams popping open and distorting the border

If wadding & backing are being provided, ensure that they are cut square and at least 10cm larger than the quilt top on all 4 sides.      

Blend, rather than contrast, the colour of the backing fabric to the colours in the top to allow the best thread colour match for machine quilting.

Remember that your quilts deserve the best materials available.

Seams should be pressed flat.